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For 150 years pfaff has brought you the most modern technology, perfection down to the smallest detail and unlimitted possibilities. pfaff has provided the tools that feed your passion and help turn your creativity into reality. Carellan is proud to have been a pfaff dealer for the past 30 years.  pfaff and Carellan are here to help you celebrate your creativity.

  • Smarter, by PFAFF

    Smarter, by PFAFF

    Both of the machines in the Smarter line by Pfaff are so easy to use, and each one comes with a range of special features and accessories.

    Now you can buy true Pfaff quality at a surprisingly low price. The sewing machines in the Smarter line are sturdy and reliable, and will handle your sewing needs for years to come.

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  • Passport Line

    Passport Line

    Imagine a sewing machine compact enough to whisk away to a sewing class or fit in your book shelf. Now, imagine this same machine is chock-full of features designed to meet the high demands of the PFAFF® sewer. The PFAFF® passport™ 2.0 and 3.0 sewing machines are specially designed for small spaces, as well as going places such as classes, retreats or any sewing journey. It is your license to venture out in the world and discover new ways and new places to sew! No limits. Just freedom.

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  • Select Line

    Select Line

    Pfaff's top of the line mechanical machine. 

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  • Pfaff Ambition Line

    Pfaff Ambition Line

    The difference is in the details! Behind the clean lines you will find the most modern functionality, to take your creativity further. The original IDT® System, the high resolution touch screen, a variety of beautiful stitches and alphabets are just a few of the special features, when compared to top competitor machines in this price range, cannot be found. A perfect introduction to extended-throat electronic machines, the Pfaff ambition essential delivers lots of features at an affordable price: Original IDT™ System, for perfect piecing on all fabrics. Experience the new PFAFF® ambition™ line and feel the difference that makes these sewing machines truly special. The PFAFF® design is unique and as distinctive as the brand it self.



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  • Expression Line

    Expression Line

    Well-designed and a dream to use - that's the expression line from Pfaff.

    All it takes is one look at its unique design to understand that it is a sewer’s dream. With its origin in German tradition, it fits perfectly in the new generation of PFAFF® sewing machines. Get ready to enjoy what the name PFAFF® stands for.

    The extra large space and the longest free-arm make sewing any size project effortless.

    The perfectly illuminated sewing area and the intuitive, clear graphic display will optimize your working process.

    The original IDT™ system guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom. A unique selection of perfectly stitched high-quality 9 mm stitches will inspire new ideas.

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  • Performance 5.0

    Performance 5.0

    Take your sewing to the next step with Pfaff performance™ 5.0 sewing machine!

    Everything you do can be seen. The intuitive PFAFF® creative™ Color Touch Screen shows stitches in actual size. Customize and combine them directly on the screen. The user-friendly interface guides you confidently  through all processes. Pleasant colors make everything clear, right from the beginning.

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  • Creative Line

    Do you love embroidery?

    Are you creative and constantly dreaming up new ideas? Would you like to turn those ideas into reality quickly and easily? Then you're in the right place!

    With the embroidery machines from Pfaff you have unlimited creative possibilities, superior performance, and they are so easy to use - they open up a whole new world of creative ideas!

    Use the Pfaff comparison chart to discover the model to inspire you

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  • Sergers


    Do you love to sew? Do you enjoy working with all of today's wonderful materials? Do you want the results to be as perfect as the best ready-towear? Then you need a Pfaff serger/overlock! It's the perfect partner to your sewing machine. It picks up where your sewing machine stops.

    Pfaff has a great selection of overlock machines for you, each with different performance ratings, equipment and accessories. There's definitely an overlock to suit you!

    For sewing, trimming, serging and even hemming, the Pfaff coverlocks!

    For sewing, trimming and serging, the Pfaff hobbylocks!

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  • Quilting-Only Machines

    Quilting-Only Machines

    Your new quilt projects require free-motion quilting, but you’ve been struggling to fit your project in a small space. The PFAFF® powerquilter™ 16.0 quilting machine is the perfect solution.


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