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My journey into sewing began on a Singer treadle machine when I was nine years old living on my parents' farm. I have sewn everything from baby clothes, wedding dresses, men's suit jackets, home decor, and Halloween costumes and clothes for my two girls. I purchased my first pfaff in 1983 in Regina, Sk. and have been a "Pfaffee" every since! I came to work at Carellan in February of 2000. Soon after I began teaching classes, namely Serger, Learn-to-sew and Kids sewing classes. In 2005 I purchased Carellan and haven't looked back!  I am a "SEQ" .   I am proud to say both of my girls do some form of sewing.


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Bio: I am Barb's oldest daughter. She taught me to sew on her top of the line pfaff, so I've been a spoiled sewer since the beginning. During the week I teach Band, Drama, and English Language Arts at the junior high and high school level. You will be able to find

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