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Wooly Nylon

When serging with a stretch fabric, add this 100% nylon to either your upper or lower looper. It is soft enough to snuggle next to a baby's skin and full enough in its relaxed position to provide full coverage for seams and rolled edges. This thread will stretch with your fabric and create a more polished look. When looking to create a rolled edge on any fabric use this in your upper looper to help your fabric roll effortlessly.

Carellan carries a wide selection of YLI Woolly Nylon:

original solid colours in 1000m cones - $9.00 

varigated 1000m cones - $13.70 

metalic 500m cones - $15.00.


Decorative Serger Threads

YLI Pearl Crown Rayon: no.8 crochet cotton wt. - 100% rayon - 44 colours -91m spool - $4.80 (highly twisted thread-like cord is a versatile decorative thread for the upper and lower loopers of you serger or machine bobbin work) (limited colour selection in store, special order available)

YLI Success Surging Thread: Twisted Acrylic yarn -12 colours - 91m spool - $3.60 (perfect for decorative edges on polar fleece projects) (limited colour selection in store, special order available)

YLI Candelight Metallic: thicker metallic yarn - 21 colours - 114m spool - $9.00 (great for decorative serging, especially for holiday season projects) (limited colour selection in store, special order available)


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