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Sulky's wide assortment of decorative threads are perfect for all of your creative projects. Carellan carries the full line of the Sulky thread ranges listed below: 

Sulky Rayon: 40wt. 100% rayon - 333 colours - 225m spool (that's 44000 embriodery stitches!) - $4.95 (Select colours can also be special ordered in a 777m spool or a 1372m cone)

Sulky Metallic: 40wt. - 36 colours - 150m spool - $5.95 - (also avilable in a 914m spool -$16.49)

Sulky Sliver Metalic: polyester mix - 24 colours - 225m spool - $5.95

Sulky Holoshimmer: polyester mix - 24 colours-  225m spool - $5.95

Sulky PolyLite: 60wt. 100% polyster - 36 solid colours - 400m spool - $4.39 (look and feels like silk, but stronger and less expensive!)

Sulky PolyLite: 60wt. 100% polyester - 24 varigated colours - 400m spool - $5.49 (look and feels like silk, but stronger and less expensive!)

Sulky GLOWY: 40wt.  100% polyester - 3 colours: white, pink, and blue - 457m cone - $17.99 (all colours glow green for approximately 15-20 minutes)

Sulky Invisible: Fine .004 100% polyester  - clear or smoke - 400m spool - $4.95 (clear also available in 2000m spool - $10.49

Sulky Blendables: 30wt. 100% long-staple cotton  - 126 colours - 450m spool - $7.50

Sulky Blendables: 12wt. 100% long-staple cotton - 126 colours - 450m spool - $7.50 (limited selection in store, all colours available by special order)

***Sulky slimeline storage boxes that hold 104 spools also available***


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