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Regulatory Changes Requiring Consent

The Canadian Government made significant changes to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, effective July 1st, 2014.

Legislation requires that we obtain express consent from every one with whom we communicate in order to continue sending email messages.

The legislation does not consider existing relationships, therefore our electronic correspondence is impacted in almost all circumstances even though we may have been communicating with you regularly in the past.

The purpose of our electronic messages may be:

  • Individual correspondence on specific topics relating to sewing, serging, quilting, notions, fabric, machines parts, accessories, cabinets, and related products and services, including instructional classes, supply lists, training offers from contributing teachers and suppliers, vendors, which may also be communicated with our periodic newsletter
  • Providing sewing machine, quilting machine, and serger market updates and vendor offers, event participation, vendor training, conventions and shows, including local and provincial events from associated sewing, serging, and quilting groups, which may also be communicated with our periodic newsletter
    Career opportunity or recruitment-related information, which may also be communicated with our periodic newsletter
  • News or other information related to our services and industry, including associated community events, charities, and volunteering information, sewing for charity and related activities, store events, training, sales events, and happenings in our store, which may also be communicated with our periodic newsletter
  • Keeping in touch as part of our on-going relationship with you which is very important to us and to you. This includes providing product, service, and training information, including pricing to help you consider goods and services, related products from our store, and to respond to your related inquiries to us.

Our relationship with you is very important to us and we thank you in advance!

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